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The Mission Action Team (MAT) dedicated themselves to tracking volunteer hours served by members of our congregation. The hours of service just keep coming in. Our work and serving in Jesus' name to those around us is inspiring. Since we started in August 2010, well over 12,000 service hours have been turned in! Our community, our congregation, and we as individuals are all blessed by your service. Thanks again to all of you who are finding ways to serve those around us and for being the hands and feet of Christ to those in need.

Meet the members of the Mission Action Team - Jackie Breeden, Alan Christie, Larry Lagle, Pam Lagle, and Larry Mattes. New members and ideas are always welcome, so please prayerfully consider serving on the Team!

The Team has decided to serve two meals each school year at the Power House - a pizza party at the start of the school year, and a pizza party at the end of the first semester, in December. The The Power House, located at 709 E. Main Street in Washington, ministers to teens in Junior High and High School. Volunteers are still needed to clean house, do odd jobs and prepare meals.

Both the teens and the staff at the Power House are very appreciative of the meals. Many thanks to those who continue to donate to this ministry! 


 Work Day Projects: The window trim and a few other details in the Fellowship Hall remain to be painted. We have also been picking up trash in a several block area adjoining our church. This effort is part of the community-wide program 'Team Up to Clean Up'. Please contact Larry Mattes for details. We welcome anyone who would like to help at the next church work day! Next Work Day: To be announced